1. What is Info Direct benefit?

  Monthly advertising which reaches your target customers / consumers is more effective by providing the latest promotion activities. Free business information for readers in the neighborhood. The rate of reading the ads is higher compared with other media. Free artwork layout and consultation.
From photography, design, printing and distribution is done under one roof. ID's monthly publication is creatively designed as well as cost effective to our clients.

2. Why choose Info Direct advertising as media?

  Over the years, FeeyaFariesya engaged with bazaar, events and web advertising. Info Direct strives to achieve further for our clients by targeting consumers through web advertising giving them the value added combination of monthly publication and web advertisement. This proves our continous commitment to our esteemed clients.
Compare with flyers, Info Direct'sdoor-to-door distribution is more economical and effective as an advertising media and has been proven to facilitate growth for businesses. Consumer will rather keep a book of directory than a flyer and the lower risk of lost it.

3. Which are the areas Info Direct covered?

  Currently Arealization 1  

4. When to distribute?

  Early of the month  

5. What is the procedure advertising with Info Direct?

  You also can do this thru email feeyafariesya@feeyafariesya.com