To All Malaysia Entrepreneur,

The Latest Malaysia Advertisement Magazine – “Info Direct-The Most Trusted Media”

Dear entrepreneur,

Our companyFeeyaFariesya is introducing a new magazine by the name of Info Direct– The Most Trusted Media on 7th July 2013. We have waited for a long time for the launch of our advertisement magazine and finally it would be available in the market by August 2013 in order to serve your potential buyers and incorporate new customers.

Info Direct has been made by the most creative and talented designers and marketer who have done great research regarding our area of service and have come up with the idea of giving the best service to all Malaysian Entrepreneur with less money to spend. There are various advertisements in our magazine which have been designed for all age groups, keeping in mind the requirements of people with age differences. Various advertisement in our magazine includes:-

  1. Maintenance & Services
  2. Food & Beverages
  3. Family & Lifestyle
  4. Education & Training
  5. Health & Beauty
  6. Business Management
  7. Home Deco & Construction

Info Direct would be available in ‘Arealization 1’ (as per enclosed) and can also be found in governmental area. For further information regarding our new magazine you can contact us on 019-3971977.

“The Most Trusted Media”

Best Regards

Managing Director